Minden, LA

Minden is a picturesque small town in the heart of North Louisiana’s Webster Parish. It boasts a unique and charming ambiance, coupled with a rich historical significance that cannot be found anywhere else. This charming community is a perfect destination for anyone seeking an escape from the fast-paced city lifestyle. One of its major attractions is the historic district, which features an impressive collection of bed and breakfasts, renowned for their timeless architecture and cozy hospitality. You’ll also find plenty of outdoor activities, including pristine parks that offer a chance to relax and soak up the sunshine. Indulge in the simplicity of life as you explore the quaint alleys, tuck into local eateries and immerse in its quirky and unforgettable vibe. With a range of delightful and exciting activities to choose from, Minden, LA has something for everyone.

When in Minden we recommend Huffman Manor Inn, located in the heart of the historic district. The Manor is within walking distance to local restaurants, bars and shopping.